Healthcare Reform Teaches Financial Responsibility 2015

 Healthcare Reform Teaches Financial Responsibility 2015

As I listen to people grumble and complain about their health insurance plans due to the recent changes of healthcare reform; the percentage of individuals complaining the most are middle wage income earners whose incomes exceed $40,000.00 a year or higher. Many of these individuals who fall between these income guidelines are not eligible for a tax credit or what is also known as a subsidy. The value people place on their material wealth rather than their own health and well-being is astonishing. These new guidelines have made all of us realize the importance of managing our finances more wisely. Why do people place a higher value on things, rather than on themselves? In the sight of God; we are more valuable than anything in our possession; yet, we value little when it comes to insuring our own lives with the right mix of financial products to protect our material wealth and overall health and well-being.

The challenge many people face today is the fact that overall, they may be healthy individuals and do not see the need for coverage or understand the reasoning behind why he or she has to pay higher monthly premiums. Though I agree premiums are high for the individual market; the total protection insurance provides does not compare if someone had a catastrophic event happen in their lives. People focus on four main parts of their health insurance plan; the four parts are: the deductible, co-insurance, co-payment, and their monthly premium.

Although these four elements are important in general; a person should tailor their plan based on their individual needs rather than being focused on these elements. For example; for someone whose on prescription medicines on a regular basis, he or she needs to have a co-pay prescription drug benefit with their plan so their prescription medicines can be paid for with a minimum dollar amount for their medications; rather than having a plan based solely on their deductible, where first they would have to meet the deductible before the percentage of their co-insurance kicks in. In my previous articles on healthcare reform, I stated how we must educate ourselves to better understand these new laws and guidelines. The prescription drug benefit is one of the ten essential benefits that is included with every plan sold today under healthcare reform.

One specific benefit most consumer do not understand is what is known as the out-of-pocket-maximum. (OOPM) This simply limits how much money a person would pay out in any calendar year if he or she had medical expenses exceeding $6,350 as of 2014. These limits will change accordingly. In 2015, the out of pocket maximum on cost sharing is: $6,600 for an individual (up from $6,350 in 2014) and $13,200 will be the amount of coverage for a family (up from $12,700 in 2014).

These limitations helps protects your household income and limit your financial losses in the event you had a major illness, or if you found yourself or family member being hospitalized over an extended period of time. We all need to understand that insurance is to protect us all from financial losses and as individuals we are more valuable than the materialism we have in our possession. Your material wealth including but not limited to: your home, car, boat, or any other material thing that cost you money to maintain, does not compare to your overall health and well-being. Keep yourself healthy in order to keep your medical expenses low and remember that insurance is in place to protect your wealth in the event of financial loss.

Inbound and Outbound Healthcare Marketing 2015

 Inbound and Outbound Healthcare Marketing 2015

Healthcare providers are constantly on the lookout for means to drive consumers toward their services or products. This has resulted in a shift in the thought process of marketing strategists who are constantly trying to influence consumer opinion by slow and subtle branding. Inbound and outbound healthcare marketing have their own set of pros that need to weigh while devising an effective marketing strategy.

Outbound Healthcare Marketing

Social media marketing has completely revolutionized the healthcare marketing scenario. The traditional forms of marketing have and remain to be outbound in its functioning. Outbound healthcare marketing involves pushing forward your products or services towards your target segment or potential patients by utilizing various means. They are mostly unidirectional and involve considerable investment.

A few examples of outbound marketing initiatives include:

1. Mass- mailers

2. Print media

3. Radio advertisements

4. Television advertisements

Inbound Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare marketing strategy has undergone a tremendous shift in its execution. Over the past few years, a shift in perspective was seen as a lot of emphasis is being laid on inbound healthcare marketing strategies. Similarly, outbound healthcare marketing strategies are slowly declining. The reason for this decline in outbound marketing practices is because people are now selective about the means by which they receive healthcare information. As compared to traditional means, patients now seek out information proactively and no longer rely on traditional advertising mediums to obtain their knowledge.

About 80% of consumers tend to trust the suggestions provided by a friend or colleague as compared to 16% patients who put their trust in the information contained within an advertisement. Patients tend to exchange information about their physicians, hospital details, diseases, product experiences and other information that they might consider useful on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Orkut and many other social networking platforms.

The focus of inbound marketing strategy is to place information about your products, your practice or your service in front of your target audience in a place where they frequently visit online or choose to utilize the provided information.

A few examples of inbound marketing strategies include:

1. podcasts

2. blogs

3. social platforms

Once you have successfully managed to produce content that is useful, you need to effectively combine this with a strong online presence. This greatly increases the visibility of the products and services that you offer. The focus of inbound marketing is to enlist the help of your target segment to share and spread your content through their networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Healthcare Staffing Agencies 2015 Provide Complete Solutions When Looking For Doctor Jobs

Healthcare Staffing Agencies 2015 Provide Complete Solutions When Looking For Doctor Jobs

Medical professions have gone global. This means that now there are more job opportunities offering more practice options at desirable locations. With the globalization of medical professions, job openings for doctors have escalated in recent years. Having the right credentials associated with your name will definitely give you a good start, but if you don’t know how to navigate the job market then it can become awfully stressful. Offering such assistance is the work of healthcare staffing agencies that can represent you, and this is why these agencies are thriving so well in the healthcare industry.

Awareness among the general public of the benefits of better health and fitness has resulted in greater demand for the services of physicians. Although there are ample physician vacancies, most medical professionals-especially doctors who have recently completed their training-require assistance in identifying suitable practice opportunities where they can implement their knowledge and gain meaningful practice experience to benefit them in the long run. Whether they favor temporary or permanent opportunities, these healthcare employees can get off to a good start in building a strong foundation for their career.

Responsible health care agencies can solve these persons’ dilemma. Recruitment agencies aim to provide timely solutions to all those people who are looking for doctor jobs. There are many benefits associated with working at healthcare organizations through agency referral. The healthcare staffing agencies carefully analyze your skills and refer you for the kind of medical practice and work conditions that you are looking for. While recent graduates can get a good boost to their career as locum tenens physicians, more experienced practitioners can work on temporary assignments so that they can launch their career and earn good money at the same time. Healthcare agencies are anxious to find jobs for you as a locum doctor.

Whatever the staffing need is, the health care employment agency always has ready solutions to offer. Hospitals and clinics often run short of doctors. The recruitment process can take a long time to conclude; therefore, the healthcare centers outsource this task to the medical staffing agencies. If you are associated with these agencies as an available locum tenens provider, then you increase the chances of enhancing your career. The healthcare staffing agencies provide both medical centers and medical practitioners with unique services that cannot be found anywhere else.